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About the west midlands

The West Midlands is the name given to the large megalopolis that includes the cities of Birmingham and Wolverhampton and the larger towns of WestBromwich, Sturbridge, Halesowen and others. For over two decades, this region has seen an economic Renaissance. According to a latest survey from the National Office of Statistics show the population of West Mainland to over 5,602,000. The area also includes a relative number of institutions of higher education, with 15 universities, 3 university college and more than 35 education colleges in the region.

Black mountain is the highest point of the region, which holds 703 meter in West Herefordshire on the border with Powys Wales. There are various roads passing through the region, with the most connecting around the central conurbation. The heritage of Birmingham includes the most important eugenicist from the family of Darwin - Wedgewood, a person who has such a profound international impact on the science of breeding and heredity, yet he had no children himself.

After London and Liverpool, Birmingham is the 3rd most bombed city in the United Kingdom. More than 275,000 secondary schools are there in the region, the fourth highest in England after Greater London, South East England and North West England. The region includes BBC based at the Mailbox in Mainland.

The Birmingham holds a population of 1,10,260 as of 2014 and its density is 10,640 sq metres and its growth began during the industrial revolution. And there are a few buildings which are protected still from its early history. There are more than 1,900 buildings in the city and 13 ancient monuments. The city has played an essential part in the history of modern sport. Birmingham found the famous Football League and the two team Aston Villa F.C. and Birmingham City F.C is considered as country’ oldest professional football teams.

The West Midlands is home to a vast range of impressive businesses. Companies from all over and in all industries seek to position their offices near Birmingham, one of the UK's busiest cities outside of London. We have some of the best talent, and you don't have to look far to find anything from an SEO marketing company to a global fitness brand (GymShark).