Top employers in Birmingham

Birmingham, a city of thousand city holds its strong economy to the successful engineers to manufacturers who have pushed the city’s economic growth into the twenty first century. Though today, it is the tertiary sector that controls the city, offering in excess of 78% of economic output since 2005, and set to offer more than 50,000 jobs over the next ten years. Also, Birmingham is a good bet for those who are interested in marketing. According to a survey, these 10 private sector employers in Birmingham are considered as top employers.

National Express (West Midlands Travel) – 4,800 employees

West Midlands Travel, a UK wide business is located in Birmingham. It runs both its primary local bus service as well as national coach

Sainsburys – 3,470 employees

A supermarket chain, established in London and has 4 outlets in the ring road and the other four in the greater Birmingham area. This statistic is according to Lloyds were still Lloyds TSB, so the rankings might have moved down recently. But they still have more than ten branches in the greater Birmingham area.

Mondelez (Cadbury & Trebor) – 2,500 employees

Cadburys, an iconic brand which is now managed by Americal Corporation Mondelez International has shifted its headquarters to London, but still the Bournville site is the organisation’s chief manufacturing unit.

Asda – 2,230 employees

There are no branches in Birmingham, but ranks at No 5 and it has a strong presence in the greater Birmingham area.

Royal Bank of Scotland – 2,120 employees

Royal Bank of Scotland beats other banks like HSBC and Barclays. It holds four branches in Birmingham

Whitbread – 2,060 employees

Owns various brands across the city which includes Costa Coffee, Premier Inn, and Brewers Fayre.

Specialist Computer Centres – 2,050 employees

SCC is a privately owned company based in the West Midlands. This IT integration company has branches in France, Spain and Romania.

Jaguar – 2000 employees

Just like Cadbury, Jaguar’s headquarters located outside the city, but the hub for all manufacture is the Birmingham.

Rolls Royce Controls and Data Services – 1,700 employees

Offering engine management software and electronic engine controls for military aircraft and commercial, the organization has branches in Belfast and Derby, but Birmingham dominates the other two.