Big city plan

The Big city plan is considered as a major development plan for the city centre of Birmingham. The plan was launched on September 29, 2010 and the plan explains how the city centre of Birmingham will be in the next 20 years and its vision for the city supporting transformational changes to make a world class city centre offering innumerable growth, authentic character, improved connectivity, environmental quality, diversified economic base and new housing communities. The plan covers an area of eight hundred hectares in the centre of United Kingdom’s 2nd city, the vision, principles and strategy are provided by BCP to guide the regeneration and future development of the City Centre.

The big city plan conveys a framework that includes:

Spatial strategy by over 25% for growing the city core through 5 transformation areas.

A network of spaces and streets to support a quality environment and easy to walk to the city centre.

By 2031 Birmingham will be talked as an innovative, enterprising and green city that has experienced transformational change fortifying its position and growing its economy on the international stage. This development plan will give a strategy to take the transformation forward with the Big City Plan. Six economic zones are situated across the city, supporting the delivery of this growth. The zones provide the targeted for the gathering of economic activity within top - notch business environments that are supported by the infrastructure. It is led by the Greater Birmingham and Solihull local Enterprise partnership, which is the largest six zones and supports the implementation of the plan driving the delivery of growth. The city Birmingham is said to have 4.3 million working population, which offers a wealth and opportunities for companies looking to invest or expand and provides a high quality of life.