Universities in Birmingham

Birmingham university is a public research university situated in Edgbaston, UK. In 1900 it received its royal charter as a successor to Queen’s college founded in 1875. The University of Birmingham founded by the Russell Group of British research universities. The University is originally called as “redbrick” and it is a home for mot than five thousand international students from 131 different countries. 31% of the university’s staffs are from overseas internationals. The university is also a part of Erasmus programme which supports exchange between European institutions.

With over five hundred postgraduate courses available, the university provides a wide range of PG programmes across its 5 colleges. The students of the university are given specialised careers based on their area of study. Also, the students have the chance to undertake an internship and work experience placements.

Throughout its history the university has been widely spread across various sites in Birmingham. The facilities like The Coopice, student accommodation block, separate sports campus for bowls, tennis, football and a social club. The university faculty also includes the art and design related courses taught by the School of fashion, art, Textile and 3D design, Visual communication and School of Jewellery.

The university of Birmingham has 7 libraries across all the campuses that has more than 950,000 books and nine thousand print and electronic journals. In early 1980’s the university’s observatory was constructed next to the playing field, approximately five miles south of the Edgbaston’s campus. The observatory is mostly used for UG teaching. It consists of two mail instruments, a 16’ Cassegrain and a 14’ Meade LX200R. A third telescope is also there and it is used for visual observations.

Public members are given the chance to visit the university of Birmingham’s observatory at an event called Astronomy in the City during the Winter months.