West Midlands Economy & Business institutions

Some of the West Midlands Economy and Business institutions are listed below;

Aston Centre for Europe

ACE, Aston Centre of Europe works as a hub for a wide range of EU and Europe related teaching activities and projects across the University. The University aims to reflect the Aston’s culture and the European’s strength since 2009. It is now considered as a major centre for research in European politics and society.

For five years, Aston’s chief aim and achievement is to have a lively and supportive environment for social and political research in Europe.

Coventry University Business School

A business school situated in Coventry, UK. The school provides various UG and PG degrees in subjects like applied management, event management, marketing and economics. The Coventry school is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a member of the Association of Business schools. For over 40 years the school has been teaching business from the early 1960’s. In the year 1987, a Faculty business was formed and in 1990 the business school was formed. Local business are heavily involved and help with promotional giveaways for education providers.

Staffordshire University Business School

Located in Staffordshire, England and an important campus based in the city of Stoke - on Trend. The school was built in the 1901 by Alfred Bolton and in 1906 the classes began. The university consists of four small campuses and extensive links with Transnational, national and European academic institutions.

Warwick Business School

An Academic department of the University Warwick which was started in 1967 as a school of Industrial and business studies. Warwick business school is considered as one of the most prestigious schools in the world. The business school is currently offering UG, PG and PhD degree programs. University of Wolverhampton Business School

Wolverhampton announced a plan on December 2012 regarding a new business school building opposite the Molineux stadium. And the university celebrated its twenty first anniversary in 2013.